Open Education Manifesto

By | May 5, 2015

Lane Community College has released an Open Education Manifesto poster designed by Graphic Design student Char Houweling. The poster has a CC BY-NC license so feel free to reuse and adapt with your own school’s logo. Download below.


Manifesto for OER” by Charlene Houwleing, Lane Community College Graphic Design Student (poster design), Sandy Brown-Jensen, Lane Community College Instructor (copy remixer), and Clackamas Community College (Original Manifesto) is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.


6 thoughts on “Open Education Manifesto

  1. Cable Green

    Brilliant! I just shared it with the entire Creative Commons staff and global CC Affiliate network.

    1. openoregon Post author

      Hi Sasha, that is a great question. Let me ask the Lane folks and get back to you! Amy

  2. openoregon Post author

    Update: I added links to accessible .txt and .html versions of the file. I have also modified the attribution to reflect the collaborative nature of the project. Many thanks to Char and to Meredith Keene-Wilson for their help with this!


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