My Z-Degree

Can you find a zero-textbook-cost degree pathway at your institution?

How to use this page:

  1. Start designing your institution’s customized Z-Degree pathway by selecting your institution from the dropdown below.
  2. By default the Selections box on the right will display statewide AAOT requirement categories. You can hide these by selecting the “No Categories” radio button.
  3. Add courses with OER adoptions to your institution’s Z-Degree by clicking “Add” within the box for a course. The course will appear in the Selections box on the right. You’ll have the option to choose any course listed on the Open Oregon Resources Page.
  4. If you’re using AAOT categories, you can recategorize a course you’ve added by selecting a different category from the dropdown menu. You can also remove a course from your Selections by clicking “Remove.”
  5. When you’re finished, scroll to the bottom of the Selections box and click “Export.” Your print-ready Z-Degree will open in a new window. To save your work, copy and paste into a document or export as a CSV file.

Note: this page shows you information about pathways based on known adoptions on the Open Oregon Resources page. Students should check with an academic advisor before registering for classes.