What Open Oregon Educational Resources does:

  • Showcase successes
  • Track student savings
  • Offer grants and faculty incentives
  • Provide trainings and conferences
  • Conduct cost and impact research
  • Publish and share open materials
  • Promote sustainable efforts
  • Statewide coordination, including inter-institutional logistics.

A program activity summary is available via the Open Oregon Educational Resources One-Sheet.

All of Oregon’s public community colleges and universities are covered by Open Oregon Educational Resources, which means:

  • Your institution’s OER adoptions will be tracked on the Open Oregon Resources page
  • You are a consortial member of the Open Education Network
  • You can schedule campus visits for workshops, stakeholder meetings, and other in-person functions
  • You can contact us with OER questions (search, how-to, funding, copyright and open licenses, designation in course schedule, etc.)

Open Oregon Educational Resources programs and services are available at no cost to Oregon’s public higher education institutions. This program is funded by the Community College and Workforce Development Office of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission and the Oregon State Legislature.