Open Oregon Educational Resources promotes textbook affordability for community college and university students, and facilitates widespread adoption of open, low-cost, high-quality materials.

What Open Oregon Educational Resources does:

  • Showcase successes
  • Track student savings
  • Offer grants and faculty incentives
  • Provide trainings and conferences
  • Conduct cost and impact research
  • Publish and share open materials
  • Promote sustainable efforts
  • Statewide coordination, including inter-institutional logistics.

All of Oregon’s public colleges and universities are covered by Open Oregon Educational Resources, which means means:

  • Your institution’s OER adoptions will be tracked on the Open Oregon Resources page
  • You are a consortial member of the Open Textbook Network, with the opportunity for faculty to receive $200 for writing a peer review of an open textbook
  • You can schedule campus visits for workshops, stakeholder meetings, and other in-person functions
  • You have a central contact for OER questions (search, how-to, funding, copyright and open licenses, designation in course schedule, etc.)

Open Oregon Educational Resources programs and services are available at no cost to Oregon’s public higher education institutions. This program is funded by the Community College and Workforce Development Office of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission and the Oregon State Legislature.


High quality, low-cost learning materials will be thoughtfully integrated into teaching and learning in Oregon’s higher ed.

How will we know we’ve succeeded? Metrics such as…

  • Open Oregon Educational Resources provides tools and resources to make equity, diversity, and inclusion primary considerations when faculty adopt course materials.
  • Open Oregon Educational Resources advocates for well-staffed units such as accessibility services, library, bookstore, and instructional design supporting faculty to adopt, adapt, and create shared resources.
  • Open Oregon Educational Resources has data and stories to demonstrate the value of course materials relating to student savings, student success metrics, and student engagement in content creation.
  • Open Oregon Educational Resources is a clearinghouse for information about student choices being consistently communicated across platforms, and adding up to fully affordable pathways.
  • Open Oregon Educational Resources makes compensation and recognition available for faculty to affirm academic freedom by developing their own open materials and designing their own curricula.
  • Open Oregon Educational Resources consults with institutions to reimagine campus stores as essential student services rather than for-profit enterprises.