Open Geology Website

OER Champion Shannon Othus-Gault at Chemeketa Community College uses open pedagogy to showcase student work on a mineralogical website.

Grant Project Update: PSY 201A & 202A

Kristen Kane describes the result of using the OpenStax textbook in her Columbia Gorge Community College Psychology courses. Students saved $13,475 over two quarters and met the course outcomes.

OER Champion Awards

Open Oregon Educational Resources recognizes OER champions who have done outstanding open education work in Oregon’s community colleges. Congratulations champions! Read more…

Open Textbook Workshop Report #2

19 Open Textbook Workshops at 9 colleges last fall and spring resulted in an estimated $441,600 in student savings. Read more…

Attribution Statements for Remixed OER Content

This guide will help you attribute remixed materials following attribution standards established by Creative Commons, while maintaining readability and usability for your students. Read more…

Lane Campus Report

Lane hired a new OER librarian, who estimates that students will potentially save up to $273,063 for Winter 2017 through use of OER. Read more…

Out-of-this-world OER Marketing Campaign

Lane Community College has released OER marketing materials designed by Victoria Koldewyn. The files have a CC-BY-NC license so feel free to reuse and adapt with your own school’s logo.