OER Course Redesign Training: Open Ed Week Sprint Registration Deadline

By | December 16, 2020

Funding is available for Oregon community college and university faculty to participate in a one-week online, asynchronous OER course redesign training.

OER course redesign defined: The goal of the training is to redesign an existing course using open materials in order to save students money. We will also explore open educational practices that encourage students to create or contribute to open content with a real-world purpose.

Funding details: $750 per person: $250 upon completion of training, and $500 upon completion of course redesign.

Timeline: We will run this training as a SPRINT during Open Ed Week, March 1-5, 2021. Plan to commit 12-15 hours to complete your course redesign (your mileage may vary).

Note on timing: If you plan to teach your redesigned course in Spring 2021, please contact your bookstore manager to find out about adoption deadlines – they may have already made a nonrefundable purchase for your course!

Preview the training: https://canvas.instructure.com/courses/1796188

Completed registration forms are due by Monday, February 22, 2021.


6 thoughts on “OER Course Redesign Training: Open Ed Week Sprint Registration Deadline

  1. Rodney Hanson

    I have taken this workshop before. It is excellent. I also redesigned one course uopn completing the workshop.

    I would like to sign up for the training and workshop again, so I can explore opportunites to redesign a second course that I teach. (I will be teaching the course in the Fall of 2021).

    Is it possible to sign up for the workshop again?


    Rodney Hanson
    Central Oregon Community College
    World Cultures and Languages

  2. Sofia Cook

    I would like to sign up for this training but my college is not listed. I’m in California. Could I still register for this training?

  3. DeAnn Vermillion

    Can I sign up for this if I will not be able to implement my redesigned course until Fall 2021?


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