2023 OER Champion Awards

By | April 28, 2023

Open Oregon Educational Resources recognizes OER champions who have done outstanding open education work in Oregon’s community colleges and universities. Congratulations champions!

Christopher Hamper, Oregon Institute of Technology OER Creation and Advocacy Chris participated in an Oregon Tech research team that investigated inequities in the way Emergency Medical Services providers are represented in textbooks, finding that they are overwhelmingly white and male. Chris received a grant to coauthor a lab manual that will portray diverse EMS providers. Chris and the research team recently drew attention to this problem and their OER effort at the national EMS World conference, where they won an award for best research. Chris is being honored with this award as an advocate for diversity and inclusion in EMS textbooks!
Kim Puttman, Oregon Coast Community College Open Pedagogy Innovator Kim has taken on every possible role in Open Oregon Educational Resources’s Targeted Pathways project for Sociology with care and dedication. It is in her work with students that her radical commitment to social justice shines most brightly. She believes in the power of OER to transform teaching and learning, and brings people together under this banner. Her collaborators most appreciate that she challenges us to follow her shooting star. Thank you for all that you do, Kim!
Rorie Solberg, Oregon State University Open Pedagogy Innovator Rorie worked with a small team of students to produce a comprehensive, accessible, and open constitutional law and civil rights textbook. The text includes interactive elements that increase engagement and to help students place the cases in historical context, as well as making this OER easier for other faculty to adapt. The OER will continue to be updated with student contributions, making this volume an exemplar of open pedagogy.
Andrea Goering & Richard Wagner, Lane Community College Outstanding Publication Andrea and Richard have developed a large collection of ancillary materials for the OpenStax Astronomy textbook so that the ASTR 121-123 sequence could be fully OER! Between adoptions at Lane Community College and the University of Oregon, Andrea estimates that students have saved over $100,000 through the use of their materials compared to the price of the previous textbook. They’ve also been extremely proactive about sharing their materials and experiences with OER with colleagues in Oregon and around the world. Cheers to them!
Davida Jordan & Sara Packer, Portland Community College Outstanding Publication Portland Community College recognizes two OER champions for outstanding publications in ESOL.

Davida is an all-around OER Champion because she creates OER, she uses OER, and she promotes OER. She volunteers weekly to add audio recordings to ESOL News Oregon, increasing opportunities for language learning while also providing access for students with disabilities. In the Evergreen project, Davida continually thinks about how to add more meaningful ways to engage beyond reading. Davida’s work speaks to the holistic, in-depth approach that she takes to both education and OER.

Sara is a tireless promoter of OER at the beginner levels of ESOL at PCC. In these courses, the textbook cost may be a real barrier to student engagement. Sara saw both the need and the opportunity, and she dove deep, learning new tools and launching a collaborative effort to create an enormous collection of materials (for example, ENTRY into ENGLISH 1 and ENTRY into ENGLISH 2). Sara has coordinated and widely shared a singular pool of materials from which instructors can create a personalized course while still addressing the college’s learning objectives. Sara deserves recognition for her initiative and tenacity, as well as the impact her work will have on student learning and retention.

Susan Shaw, Liz Delf, Rob Drummond, & Kristy Kelly, Oregon State University Outstanding Publication Oregon State University recognizes two author/author teams as OER champions for outstanding publications.

Susan worked with a small editorial team and over 45 global contributors to produce an updated edition of Women Worldwide with brand-new content. The social construction of gender, its shaping of the world, and its effects on individuals and groups of people are at the core of this textbook. Since publication, it has had over 6,000 global readers, and classroom adoptions throughout the United States. This textbook is a popular and important OER.

Liz, Rob, and Kristy collaborated to create A Dam Good Argument: Persuasive Writing at Oregon State University. This book guides students in understanding and analyzing how persuasion works. This group of co-authors and co-editors adapted materials from over a dozen existing OER, revising them to best meet student needs, while also authoring original material. The resulting work is an engaging and entertaining publication that was used by over 500 OSU students in Winter term.

Dylan DeLoe, Oregon State University Student Leadership As a student and library worker at Blue Mountain Community College, and now as a student at Oregon State University, Dylan has taken a leadership role on textbook affordability. He played a key role in the creation of BMCC’s textbook affordability plan and has contributed to the openoregon.org website. He served on the Joint Task Force on Student Success for Underrepresented Students in Higher Education, where his proposals on the Affordability Workgroup became Task Force recommendations and are now part of active legislation. He has showed up in the State Capitol to testify on issues that affect Oregon’s students, always centering the stories he has gathered highlighting student needs. He leads with creativity and care for others. Kudos Dylan!
Nick Keough, Oregon Student Association Statewide Advocacy and Leadership Nick has advocated for affordable textbooks at Lane Community College and the University of Oregon, and now in their role as Legislative Director at the Oregon Student Association. Nick brings dedication, optimism, and approachability to the workings of Oregon’s state government on behalf of community college and university student needs. They have championed legislation in support of Oregon’s statewide textbook affordability program. Thank you Nick for your support!
Jen Klaudinyi, Portland Community College Statewide Advocacy and Leadership for Equity Not only was Jen a very early proponent of open education, she has had an enormous impact on open education in Oregon through the development and facilitation of the Equity and Open Education faculty cohorts. It is high time that Jen is recognized for her incredible, visionary work!
Rob Winningham, Western Oregon University Institutional Advocacy and Leadership During his tenure as the Western Oregon University Provost, Rob championed the use of OER. He supported a budget request for an OER Stipend Award Program, which has provided $40,000 to twenty-two faculty during the last three years. Our Textbook Affordability Committee was made stronger through Dr. Winningham’s thoughtful advice and personal invitation to individual faculty and staff. He was a staunch supporter of OER in the Promotion and Tenure process, and helped communicate WOU’s achievements to different stakeholder groups. WOU’s OER initiatives have been very successful, in large part, because of Dr. Winningham’s advocacy, energy, and enthusiasm.
David Johnston, Sharon Beaudry, & Kristin Whitman, Oregon Institute of Technology Institutional Advocacy and Leadership Oregon Institute of Technology recognizes three OER champions for their advocacy and leadership at the university.

David has been a longtime advocate for OER at Oregon Tech. Not only does he use OER textbooks in his Physics courses, he is vocal in his support of them. He has participated in panel discussions, talked up the value of OER to colleagues, and recorded a video statement to share on social media for Open Education Week. He has also highlighted problems with the way that our OER textbooks are displayed on the bookstore website, demonstrating a commitment to affordability that goes beyond just his classroom. David is an OER champion, deserving of recognition for his contributions.

Sharon is a leader and champion for OER at Oregon Tech. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and despite her busy schedule she is always ready to volunteer to help! She has served on the Oregon Tech OER advisory committee, and applied for Oregon Tech library grants to re-design several of her courses to use OER. After taking the statewide Equity and Open Education course, she spread the word on campus about how OER and equity go hand-in-hand. She recently mentioned topic of equity in OERs in a video story shared on Oregon Tech’s Instagram account, and she has encouraged the library to work with the DEI office to raise awareness of how OER work addresses equity. Sharon is an OER champion, and should be honored for her work!

Kristin has made a big impact in the short time that she has been at Oregon Tech. She has reinvigorated Oregon Tech’s OER program by strategic engagement with faculty, staff, and administration. She has upgraded the university’s record-keeping and tracking system to better report on successes to upper administration and the Oregon Tech Board. This has positioned our OER program as central to impacting student success and accessibility and also adds value to the Oregon Tech Library as an academic department. Her knowledge base, advocacy skills, and her deep connections to students have made her a valuable leader not only on the Portland metro campus, but within the institution university-wide.

Daniel Thompson, Jesse Snavlin, & Mark Lane, Oregon State University Excellence in OER Production Oregon State University recognizes three OER champions in the OER unit.

Daniel is an OER Student Illustrator who has worked with dozens of faculty to help design and create openly-licensed images and figures. The faculty that he has worked with have this to say: “Daniel clearly illustrated complex physiological responses with a single image. He produced final products that I am pleased to include in our textbook.” And: “Daniel’s figures turned my amateurish renderings into professional graphic designs.” As Daniel heads towards graduation in his Graphic Design program, he is recognized for his significant contributions working with faculty and transforming their ideas into images for the OER community.

Jesse is an OER Student Editor and has worked with many faculty in the digital design and publication of OER. Since joining OSU’s OER unit, Jesse has significantly improved the team’s focus on accessibility. The faculty that she has worked with have this to say: “Jesse did exemplary work from start to finish on our OER… Zir editing and formatting and design skills elevated the book to such an impressive level, and we were thrilled with the results of zir efforts.” And: “Jesse’s enthusiasm for my textbook was infectious.” As Jesse migrates to a full-time position at Western Oregon University, she will continue to participate in OER creation and advocacy, and we look forward to what comes next.

Mark was recently promoted to Assistant Director of the OER Unit based on his great work with Oregon State University’s OER publications. Mark has significantly improved the quality of our design and layout, for example in the texts Women Worldwide and the adaptation A Dam Good Argument. Mark is always looking for ways to improve the readability of our OER, whether it is through different layouts or CSS to help make the text more engaging. He also keeps a close eye on accessibility, screening all of the work done in-house for color contrast and readability. His attention to detail is a great asset to our production process and our production values have improved as a result.


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