Archived webinar: Connecting Pressbooks to Your Gradebook: Active Learning in OER

By | February 14, 2022

Pressbooks is a platform for publishing OER that creates nicely formatted ebooks, and exports in multiple formats. You can embed H5P activities in your book to introduce a variety of active learning opportunities. Pressbooks Results is a new feature that enables you to securely connect these formative assessments with your LMS gradebook so that you can track and reward student participation. This webinar covers the what, why, and how of Pressbooks Results.

Short videos about how Pressbooks Results works with your LMS:

Steel Wagstaff, Product Manager at Pressbooks, gives an overview of how to use this new functionality and where to find examples that you can adapt. Prior to joining Pressbooks, he worked as a faculty consultant and taught literature and writing courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Veronica Vold, Open Education Instructional Designer with Open Oregon Educational Resources, discusses how this feature can maximize active learning and discuss specific use cases.

Mick Davis, Physics Instructor at Umpqua Community College, demonstrates how he uses Pressbooks, H5P, and Pressbooks Results in his open textbook Body Physics: Motion to Metabolism.