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Making the Case for Open Education, Part 1

Current events make the need for open education greater than ever, but there are fewer resources available to support this work. Part 1 of 3 looks at adding more information to the frame to shift the conversation about open education. Read more…

Advocate for affordable textbooks and open education!

This message is for all Oregonians! HB 2214 is a bill to fund affordable textbooks and open education in Oregon’s colleges and universities. Will you please help let our legislators know how important this issue is? If you are represented by a member of the Joint Ways & Means Committee, or the Education Subcommittee of… Read More »

Small Dollar Amounts Are Significant

Here are three reasons why seemingly small dollar amounts are significant. Taken together, they confirm that lowering textbook prices makes a big difference for students and that support for open educational resources is an effective use of public funding. Read more…

Evaluating Oregon’s Open Educational Resources Designation Requirement

No-cost/low-cost schedule designations are an important way for students to make informed choices at the point of registration. Oregon’s Higher Education Coordinating Commission requested a research report evaluating the effectiveness of different implementations at Oregon’s colleges and universities, as required by HB 2871, passed in 2015. The report was completed in June 2018 by Brooke Freed, Amber Friedman, Sarah… Read More »