Faculty Testimonials from Central Oregon Community College

By | March 2, 2021

In celebration of Open Education Week, Kirsten Hostetler, Instruction and Outreach Librarian at Central Oregon Community College, created three videos featuring COCC faculty testimonials about why they use open educational resources. The videos are embedded below and you can also visit the video playlist.

See what else is happening around Oregon this week: https://openoregon.org/oeweek-2021/.

Chris Rubio & Annemarie Hamlin

COCC Associate Professor of English, Chris Rubio, and Instructional Dean, Annemarie Hamlin, explain how they adapted OER to create a new textbook for technical writing. Their open textbook, Technical Writing, is available in an expanded edition with new chapters created by faculty at Portland Community College.

Carol Higginbotham

COCC Professor of Chemistry and Chair of Science, Carol Higginbotham, discusses how OER have energized her teaching. Carol’s open textbook is available via Introductory Biochemistry.

Michael Thille

COCC Adjunct Biology Faculty, Michael Thille, shares his experiences with OER. Michael adopted OpenStax Concepts of Biology for his BI 101 course.


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