Grant Project Update: Converting strong, existing Statistics OER content to Pretext (formerly known as MathBook XML)

By | May 1, 2020

This post was contributed by Emiliano Vega, Portland Community College.

I am pleased to announce the completion of one of the Open Oregon Educational Resources 2019 OER grant projects. This project’s goal was to take an existing OER Statistics textbook, Advanced High School Statistics, from OpenIntro, and convert it to an Ebook format with Pretext.

The new Ebook can be found at Advanced High School Statistics: Second Edition, with updates based on AP© Statistics Course Framework.

The Ebook version of the textbook allows students to quickly access content on any mobile device. Video and external links are directly embedded for students to watch and use. While the content of the textbook was not originally written in Pretext, now that a stable Pretext version exists, going forward we will be able to create multiple output formats (ebook, pdf, Braille, etc).

In order to begin a similar project on your own, the first step is to get Pretext on your computer. A guide can be found at Once you have begun to experiment and explore what Pretext can do, there is a Pretext Support Forum where you can find more help!