Grant Project Update: A Different Road to College

By | October 23, 2018

Alise Lamoreaux, Dave Dillon, and Amy Hofer presented at the 2018 Oregon GED® Program Summit: From Moments to Momentum. Link to presentation slides: Authoring, Adopting, and Adapting “A Different Road to College: A guide to transitioning to college for non-traditional students”.

Alise Lamoreaux, Lane Community College, is a member of the 2016-17 OER Grant Cohort. She teaches Transitioning To College For Non-Traditional Students (often called CG 100). After participating in an open textbook review workshop, Alise realized that none of the available open textbooks for her course were relevant to her student population because they were written with the assumption that college students would be 18 years old.

To meet this need, Alise applied for and received a grant to author the open textbook A Different Road To College: A Guide For Transitioning To College For Non-traditional Students. Her book is designed to introduce students to the contextual issues of college. Non-traditional students have an ever-growing presence on college campuses, especially community colleges. This open educational resource is designed to engage students in seeing themselves as college students and understand the complexity of what that means to their lives.

Dave Dillon is a professor on the Counseling faculty at Grossmont College (San Diego). As a sabbatical project he pulled existing openly licensed college success texts and remixed with previously published original content to which he had retained copyright. He drew upon Alise’s text, along with several others including work by Phyllis Nissila, Lane Community College, available in How to Learn Like a Pro! The resulting open textbook, Blueprint for Success in College and Career, is available for free online or in print for $8.45 via