HB 2871 Grant Projects

By | September 25, 2019

Oregon’s HB 2871, passed in 2015, established a grant program that intended to identify high-enrollment, transferable courses for redesign with open educational resources. These grants were administered by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) rather than by Open Oregon Educational Resources. The current study estimates that the HB 2871 grant program saved 10,041 students an estimated total of $1,544,200.60 in four years, representing $4.80 in student savings per program dollar spent.

It is possible that the bill’s authors expected that a grant to redesign a course at one institution would include an ambassadorship role that would create change at other institutions as well. For the most part, however, the course redesigns have stayed at the grantee institutions. This explains the difference between the optimistic initial savings estimates and actual estimated student savings.

To review the materials created under this grant, visit the HB 2871 Grant Cohort Folder in OER Commons.

The previous report on this grant program is in Review of HB 2871 Open Educational Resources (OER) Implementation (2015-2017), prepared by Teresa Wolfe, OER Specialist with the HECC.

Kudos to the HB 2871 grantees who not only adopted OER to the benefit of their students, but also looked back into the mists of time to report on their projects four years later. Thank you!

Project Information



Project Summary

Blue Mountain Community College Biology 101-103 Collection of ancillary course materials for non-majors biology sequence. $166,000 saved by 1660 BMCC students from 2016-present.
Blue Mountain Community College History 201-203 $31,700 saved by 912 students at BMCC and CGCC from Spring 2017-present through use of open Canvas course.
Blue Mountain Community College Sociology 204-205 Klamath Community College, Blue Mountain Community College, and Columbia Gorge Community College partnered on developing a database of resources for SOC 204-205. $$81,960.00 saved by 860 students at KCC, BMCC, and CGCC from Fall 2016-present.
Blue Mountain Community College Speech 111 $87,900.00 saved by 1047 students at BMCC and CGCC from Fall 2016-present through use of The Public Speaking Project.
Linn-Benton Community College Writing 121-122 Jenn created two open textbooks: Better writing from the beginning: An open text on the college writing process and The (In)Credible Argument: Crafting and Analyzing Arguments in College. Modules from the open textbooks are in use, but these aren’t the primary resources for any course. Jenn’s grant funding also supported course redesigns via LMS training course.
Mt. Hood Community College Math 111 Grantees created and are using Precalculus: An Active Reading Approach: Elementary Functions with positive response from students. However, the math department is still requiring all students to purchase the commercial textbook. In Spring 2019, 50 students saved an estimated $5000.
Oregon Institute of Technology Psychology 201-202 $231,104.60 saved by 1361 students at OIT and Lost River High School from Fall 2015-present through use of OpenStax Psychology.
Oregon State University Biology 231-233 The OSU version of OpenStax Anatomy & Physiology is being used at at least one other Oregon institution. $367,183.50 saved by 2202 OSU students from spring 2017-present.
Portland Community College Math 251-254 PCC’s math department has widely adopted APEX Calculus. They have also contributed their work back to the version of record so that it is in use at other institutions nationally (and perhaps internationally). $208,128 saved by 1,626 students from Fall 2016-present.
Southern Oregon University Math 112 Entire department adopted OpenStax Precalculus for both MTH 111 and MTH 112 in order to have consistency in the sequence. $28,404.75 saved by 282 students from Fall 2016-present.
Southern Oregon University Math 243-244 Created ancillary materials to support OpenIntro Statistics, which has been adopted by entire department. $63,477.75 saved by 1001 students from Fall 2016-present.
Treasure Valley Community College Economics 201 Created ancillary videos to support use of OpenStax textbooks. $59,829 saved by 147 students from Spring 2017-present.
University of Oregon Business 101 Did not adopt OER. Discovered free ancillaries that have been incorporated into the course.
Western Oregon University Chemistry 101-103 Created open chemistry textbooks. $213,513 saved by 1095 students at WOU and participating high schools since 2016 academic year.