Archived Webinar: On-time Course Materials Adoption Reporting

By | April 9, 2020

HB 2871, passed in 2015, requires each of Oregon’s public colleges and universities to designate courses with no-cost and low-cost course materials in the schedule. HB 2213, passed in 2019, further requires that textbook affordability plans at each institution include steps to market the no-cost/low-cost designation to students.

Students need to know the total cost of attendance in advance so that they can plan their budget. But HB 2871 and HB 2213 offer only a partial solution because we have only partial information.

Benefits of on-time adoption reporting:

  • Compliance with the letter and spirit of federal policy (HEOA)
  • Bookstores have time to negotiate better prices for materials and manage their inventory
  • Accessibility services can make accommodations that may be needed
  • Registrars and schedulers have the info they need to add the no-cost/low-cost designation to the course schedule in order to comply with HB 2871
  • Students can budget for the real cost of attendance for the upcoming term

Hear from three institutions in Oregon that have implemented workflows to dramatically increase on-time adoption reporting. Chemeketa, Umpqua, and Linn-Benton Community Colleges will share how they do it and what was needed behind the scenes to improve information-sharing with students.

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