Out-of-this-world OER Marketing Campaign

By | February 24, 2017

Lane Community College OER support staff Victoria Koldewyn has developed a student-focused media campaign drawing attention to the “astronomical” price of traditional textbooks. All of the files have a CC BY-NC license so feel free to reuse and adapt with your own school’s logo.

Textbook prices can be astronomical. Ask your instructors about OER courses using low and no-cost materials.

“OER Moonlanding Poster” by Victoria Koldewyn, Lane Community College is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0

About these zip files: download the native files in .ai format if you want to modify and adapt; print-ready .pdfs for postcards and 11″x17″ posters; and web images for use in digital formats/powerpoint slides (.png and .jpg). Note that the .ai files will require a custom font to display properly (it’s a free font called Formation Sans).

Moonlanding native files

Moonlanding print

Moonlanding web