Targeted Open Pathways for HDFS and SOC

By | November 19, 2021

Open Oregon Educational Resources is using Governor’s Emergency Education Relief funding to develop openly-licensed, targeted pathway materials with an equity lens for Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) and Sociology. This project will redesign high-enrollment courses in disciplines that lead to in-demand occupations where high quality openly licensed course materials with an equity lens are not currently available.

Right now we are looking for peer reviewers of detailed textbook and course outlines to ensure that our course materials will be widely relevant in Oregon for the following courses (course titles and numbers vary between institutions):

  • Contemporary Families in the U.S. (HDFS 201)
  • Infant and Child Development (HDFS 225)
  • School-Age & Adolescent Development (HDFS 229)
  • Intro to Human Services (HDFS 262)
  • Human Services Practicum (HDFS 272)
  • Sociology in Everyday Life (SOC 204)
  • Social Change in Societies (SOC 205)
  • Social Problems (SOC 206)
  • Sociology of Gender (SOC 218)

Interested reviewers can email Amy Hofer for more information.

This project began on July 1, 2021, and supports over 15 authors from 9 Oregon community colleges and universities to develop high-quality, accessible open educational resources with an equity, diversity, and inclusion lens in these two disciplines. Our Discipline Leads ensure that author teams for HDFS and SOC stay on track. Lead Authors for each course are primary decision-makers about textbook content and course design. Contributing Authors for each course bring diverse expertise and lived experience to the materials. Veronica Vold, Open Education Instructional Designer, guides course design with emphasis on inclusion and belonging, accessibility, and student engagement.

Open Oregon Educational Resources is excited to work with our partners on this project:

  • Chemeketa Press offers training in textbook development best practices and coaching to faculty authors through the Textbook Development Workshop, created by Instructional Editor Stephanie Lenox.
  • Heather Blicher, Equity Consultant, collaborates with project leadership and author teams to support the alignment of processes and content with overall equity goals.
  • Michaela Willi Hooper, Research Consultant, conducts environmental scans of open and commercial course materials already available; analyzes course learning outcomes across the state; and offers faculty support with in-depth research and copyright/licensing questions.

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