We’re hiring!

By | April 27, 2021

Open Oregon Educational Resources is hiring a statewide Open Education Instructional Designer for a grant-funded, two-year position.

Job summary: Work closely with academic departments, managers, and faculty grantees at Oregon community colleges and universities to develop and adopt high-quality, sustainable, and customizable open educational resources (OER). Support faculty from all backgrounds and skill levels through collaboration, consistency, innovation, and transparency. Evaluate and make recommendations on the purchase or creation of platforms, tools, and processes to support student users and streamline faculty efforts, in addition to supporting and managing the use of existing tools and platforms already in use in Oregon. Work closely with the Statewide Open Education Program Director to promote textbook affordability for community college and university students and facilitate widespread adoption of open, low-cost, high-quality materials. The successful candidate for this position will have a broad and compelling interest in all aspects of instructional design and technology that motivates the candidate’s practices in supporting course content and curriculum development, outcomes assessment, diversity and inclusion initiatives, OER advocacy, and student engagement.

Learn more and apply for this position: https://www.jobs.linnbenton.edu/postings/10633


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