Equity and Open Education Faculty Cohort Registration

By | October 19, 2022

Are you interested in making your course materials relevant and accessible for all of your students? Do you wish that your course materials incorporated and supported the voices and experiences of your actual students? Are you concerned about the cost of commercial course materials that don’t support equitable student learning? Join a statewide 2-part Equity and Open Education Faculty Cohort.

Participants will earn a $200 stipend upon completion of “Part 1- Explore” and will have the option to earn an additional $300 stipend in “Part 2- Implement.”

**To indicate interest in participating, please submit a registration form by Friday, December 16.**

In Part 1 of the cohort (4 weeks, January 16-February 10, 2023), we explore these topics in the context of how we can improve our course materials and serve students more equitably:

  • OER & Copyright Basics
  • Culturally Responsive Teaching
  • Universal Design
  • Open Pedagogy

Instructors then have an opportunity to implement some of these approaches in Part 2 of the cohort (4 weeks, February 13-March 10, 2023) by redesigning and sharing a unit of their materials. Find examples of redesigned course components in OERCommons.

Past participants who have completed Part 1 will be invited to join the upcoming cohort for Part 2 (whether you have previously completed Part 2 or not). You don’t need to fill out the registration form to receive this invitation – just look for an email from Amy.

Instructors from Oregon’s public community colleges and universities are invited to register. Submitting a registration form does not guarantee your place in the cohort. If we have more registrants than available seats (enrollment maximum 60), we will take into consideration:

  • Availability for 90-minute weekly mini-group discussion
  • Credit status of courses taught
  • Representation from all 24 colleges/universities
  • Past registration attempts

The Equity and Open Education Faculty Cohort model was developed at Portland Community College by faculty librarian Jen Klaudinyi. Review a previous course site to browse the course content and read participant takeaways to see what other faculty thought about the course.


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