Submit Lightning Talk Proposals for Southern Oregon Open Education Summit

By | February 12, 2020

Consider submitting a proposal for a five-minute lightning talk at the Southern Oregon Open Education Summit on Friday, April 24, 2020 at Southern Oregon University. The goals of the day include showcasing current work that will help summit attendees move their own practice forward. We are seeking lightning talk proposals that offer examples of how you’ve creatively implemented open resources or practices, and demonstrate to others how they can apply your ideas.

Topics may include:
– Do you use Open Educational Resources or Open Pedagogy in your teaching practice?
– Have you authored an OER or remixed one with your students?
– Do you have experience persuading your department or textbook committee to use OERs at your school?
– Have you provided support to faculty redesigning courses with open resources?
– Have you experimented with or supported open pedagogy practices?
– How have open resources impacted your experience in the classroom as a faculty or student?

Proposals are due March 6, 2020:


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