Textbook Cost Research Results

By | February 12, 2016

When we talk about the cost of textbooks at Oregon’s community colleges, how much money are we really talking about?

Using a research methodology developed by Quill West, Open Education Project Manager at Pierce Community College, and refined by Nicole Allen at SPARC, Open Oregon can now answer this question (with a few limitations, of course). This webinar will cover the research design, results, and lessons learned in collecting this unique data set. Because this research method has been used at other schools in the US, we can also compare our results across the country. We’ll talk about how we can use this information to take next steps in reducing textbook costs for community college students in Oregon.

Presenter Amy Hofer is Coordinator, Statewide Open Education Library Services.

This webinar takes place at 10am Pacific time!
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Call-in number: 571-392-7703
Participant PIN: 533 211 718 734


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