Archived Webinar: Hey! H5P: Interactive online content

By | January 25, 2019

H5p is a free, web-based open-source tool for creating easy to share interactive content such as quizzes, matching games and online audio recordings (see for more info). Presenters Sharon Hennessy and Eric Dodson, ESOL faculty from Portland Community College, demonstrated how H5P has made their digital learning materials more interactive and mobile in a language learning context.

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  1. Eric Dodson

    Again, big thank yous to Amy and Open Oregon, Sharon Hennessy, Andre Temkin, Tim Krause, and all those who have contributed to the computer lab ESOL course mentioned, including Laura Horani, Davida Jordan, and, most recently, Noel Conrad.

    If you watched any part of the presentation, we’d love to get your feedback (5-10 minutes google form survey):

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