Archived Webinar: Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Bookstore Collaboration: The Power of Ourselves

By | November 16, 2021

With the changing landscape of college bookstore operations, new demands now exist in aggressively addressing course material affordability, operations financial sustainability, customer service, and attracting and retaining talented teams. Discover how Minnesota State Colleges and Universities has crafted a unique in-sourcing model, sharing effort, policy and procedure alignment, unique affordability initiatives, and shared virtual sales and distribution, all made possible by the power that exists within our operations.

This webinar is the second in a series about innovative campus store models. Review the first webinar at Archived webinar: Innovative Textbook Procurement Models.

Gary Westerland-Director of Bookstore Collaborative Services. Gary possesses 22 years of experience in college operations at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities.

Anthony Ross-Collaboration Course Materials Coordinator. Anthony possesses 20 years of experience in college bookstore management and course material sourcing.

Becky Kostka-College Store and Collaboration e-commerce Supervisor. Becky possesses 21 years of experience in private sector retail and college stores operations, including 4 years of bookstore management at Minneapolis College.

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