Fall 2022 OER Grant Update

By | September 16, 2022

New OER grantees

The 2022-23 Open Oregon Educational Resources grants have been awarded. Congratulations to our new cohort of grantees!

The 10 new projects, involving 27 faculty at 12 institutions, will be completed during the current academic year and have the potential to save over 13,000 Oregon students approximately $125,000 during the two-year grant period. This represents an estimated impact of $1.16 in savings for each $1 of grant money spent. Beyond the pilot phase it is expected that these fully accessible and openly licensed course materials will be used even more widely and increase the student savings impact.

The following new OER grant projects were funded:

  • GEOG 209: Tasha Livingstone, Southwestern Oregon Community College, will adopt Jeremy Patrich’s GEOG 101
  • PSY 219: Mary Ann Woodman, Rogue Community College, will adopt Bridley & Daffin’s Abnormal Psychology and develop aligned ancillaries that incorporate an EDI lens
  • GEOG 101: Patrick Kennelly, Gabe Rousseau, and Heather Sauerland, Central Oregon Community College, along with their colleague Taylor Monroe, will remix open GIS textbooks, lab manuals, and story maps to center EDI
  • BI 101: Jaimie Powell, Portland Community College, will revise Openstax Biology 2e, adding pictures and diagrams with Universal Design and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in mind
  • PSY 101: Stevy Scarbrough, Umpqua Community College, will remix open textbooks for students in the Career and Technical Education track to engage in application-based learning of psychological principles of human relations and development of cultural literacy and awareness
  • ESL 014: Susan Caisse and Michelle Culley, Clackamas Community College, will author a new Beginning Reading and Writing textbook based on the principles of andragogy
  • MA3.432, MA3.433, MA3.434: Teryk Morris, Linn-Benton Community College, along with his colleague Luis Garcia, will record tutorials to support a flipped classroom approach to teaching Mastercam software; the tutorials will be captioned in both English and Spanish.
  • Emergency Medical Technician education: Chris Wrathall, Blue Mountain Community College; Carmen Curtz, Chris Hamper, Holly Edwins, and Jamie Kennel, Oregon Institute of Technology; and Michele Claasen, Mt. Hood Community College, will create an Oregon-specific EMT training lab manual aligned with certification standards for entry-to-practice courses
  • HP 100: Sean Jones, Kelly Collins, Kate Barbee, Cindy Manning, and Nancy Wood, Lane Community College, will adopt Nelson & Greene’s Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professions and develop aligned H5P practice activities
  • Multiple ESOL courses and levels: Timothy Krause and Davida Jordan, Portland Community College; Jennifer Sacklin, Lane Community College; and Susan Caisse, Clackamas Community College will will create a series of three ESOL readers from existing materials in the archives of ESOL News Oregon

Current OER grantees

The 2021-23 OER grant cohort has been under way for one year. The 37 projects include 83 faculty at 20 institutions and have saved an estimated 3770 students over $500,000 to date, representing $1.61 in student savings per program dollar spent.

The following projects have shared their work:

Thank you!

Many thanks to the Oregon Community College Distance Learning Association, the Community Colleges and Workforce Development office of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission, and the sponsors of House Bill 5528 for this grant funding, and to the members of the Grant Evaluation Committees for their teamwork in evaluating the grant proposals.

Community College OER Grant Committee

Funding for community college OER grants is provided by the Community Colleges and Workforce Development office of the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

Phoebe Daurio, Open Oregon Educational Resources
Julie Downing, Instructional Dean, Central Oregon Community College, Council of Instructional Administrators
Noelle Ebert, Southwestern Oregon Community College, Oregon Community College Library Association
Amy Hofer, Open Oregon Educational Resources
Michelle Huss, Portland Community College, 2019-21 Grant Cohort
Michael Weissenfluh, Tillamook Bay Community College, Oregon Community College Distance Learning Association

Community College & University OER Grant Workgroup

Funding for transfer degree grants is provided by House Bill 5528.

Stefanie Buck, Oregon State University, University Representative
Dave Becker, Linn-Benton Community College, 2019-21 Grant Cohort
Eric Dodson, Portland Community College, 2019-21 Grant Cohort
Noelle Ebert, Southwestern Oregon Community College, Oregon Community College Library Association
Amy Hofer, Open Oregon Educational Resources
Phyllis Petteys, Portland Community College, Oregon Association of Higher Education and Disability
Rayne Vieger, University of Oregon, University Representative